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"Всяко изживяване е възможност да се опознаем и живеем своята истина - и да се проближим към безусловната любов. Още една възможност да ре-дефинираме нашата връзка със себе си и със света около нас. 

Би било моя чест да бъда част от твоето пътуване."


heal within

I created Empowering Lives with the intent to help you embrace your purpose and experience true joy in every area of life.  

I have worked with thousands of people, who - just like you - know that it is possible to master life on all levels and that everything you need is already within you. What does this mean? That it is important to focus on the 'how' as much as we do on the 'what'. And this is really about: how you show up for yourself, how you show up for others, and how you arrive at your destination. Do you arrive happy, fulfilled, abundant? I believe that the choice is ours.

One of the greatest limitations we can pose to ourselves is avoiding inspiration out of fear of becoming empowered. We may be re-living behavioral patterns or re-playing thinking paradigms that no longer serve us but are there to propel us to make higher choices and allow us to live fulfilling lives. Fulfillment comes from feelings experienced which produce a state of being rather than things accomplished which are often valued through a changing perspective. And it does not matter how long our 'to do' list is if it doesn't allow us to experience our highest sense of being.

​What our subconscious mind believes to be true can be different from what we consciously believe to be, however both shape what you know as reality. What if holding on to resentment, anger or hurt is serving you in some way? And what if you no longer need holding on to these emotions to know that you are safe, loved, accepted, understood.  Realizing how, what we call 'negative' experiences serve us in some way, can immediately free us from heavy emotional baggage and allow us to experience inner peace.  It is from this place that we are at our highest potential and are inspired to make positive change in all areas of our lives, knowing that not only we have created our reality, but that we can also re-create it in any way we desire.

Gergana Mingova

Founder of Empowering Lives & ThetaHealing® Instructor 

Usui Reiki Master Teacher

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