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Sean Michael Campbell is an inspirational speaker as well as a Certificate of Science Master Theta Healing® Instructor with an extraordinary personal healing journey. He has 14 years of experience with ThetaHealing, has taught over 200 courses and has done over 40,000 healings. He enjoys traveling the world, teaching, and training others how to empower their lives.

At the age of 2, he was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus and he came to the ideas of Theta Healing® after a 35-year long battle with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. Theta Healing® has eliminated over 90% of all diabetic side effects. His insulin intake is down 95% as he continues his journey on his healing path, something traditional medical professions had thought impossible.

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‘My goal is to ignite, inspire and awaken the deepest potential of our journey in life. To ignite our known and unknown talents of success and abundance. To inspire our own lives and those who we love to become all that we are in the fullest potential. To awaken the dreams of our souls to make manifest the joy, happiness and deep inner peace of our own lives' purpose on purpose through action. I believe in these guiding principles. If you want something - give it. Be all you can be to those around you, to those that you love. Dedicate your life through purposeful action to what you came to life for - “to learn, observe and love”. In all circumstance, ask yourself: what would love do, what would love say or how would love respond - and then do that. Life is truly what we make it.


With all that I am, from all that is - thank you’. Sean Michael Campbell

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