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Free Webinar: expressing our true selves

Webinar date:
March 7,  8pm BST

Blue Hummingbird

Have you ever felt that you are here to do more and experience more but you are not quite sure what that is? Are you seeking career fulfilment and looking for the next step? 

Join me for this webinar as we explore why we may be afraid to express who we are and follow our true life purpose. Many of us believe that you ‘have to, need to’ do what is expected and ‘try to’ do our best in life. Others seek to prove to be good enough by constantly overcompensating. At the core, many of us fear to be empowered so much that we create struggle, conflict, financial lack or drama to distract us from stepping into who we truly are.

At this webinar, we will:

  • Explore the most common blocks that may be stopping us from living a fulfilled life or having a fulfilling career

  • Find out what subconscious beliefs are and how they shape perception

  • Learn how to identify what we truly want and release self-sabotaging patterns

Using a guided meditation to access the Theta brainwave, we are able to change limiting beliefs held in the subconscious mind into positive ones and experience instant transformation in our thinking patterns. No previous experience required as attendees discover how simple this meditation technique is.

ThetaHealing is one of the most powerful meditation techniques, designed by Vianna Stibal. You will find out how it might be able to help you spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. 

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