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Emotional Awareness meditation course for teams and organisations

High-impact, guided ThetaHealing® meditations at the workplace

The series of 2-hour workshops will help re-invigorate the mind, balance the body and reduce anxiety, stress and depression. The sessions are designed to be practical and action-oriented, so that everyone takes something out of them – whether that is with relaxation purposes, to let go or to heal. No previous experience required as attendees discover how simple this technique is. 

​Using a guided meditation to access the Theta brainwave, we are able to change limiting beliefs held in the subconscious mind into positive ones.  We are able to train our mind using step-by-step guidance to experience instant changes in thinking patterns and perceptions. Subsequently, we can substantially decrease bias to foster open communication and genuine interaction within teams based on purpose and trust.

Some of the topics include: Expressing our true selves and living life on purpose; Understanding emotions to harness balance and inner peace; Embracing true accountability for successful working relationships

Each 1-hour workshop comprises the following layout and is recommended to be held weekly:

  • short presentation

  • guided meditation

  • energy clearing and healing

  • discussion and Q&A

 Tools and exercises:

  • Connecting with the Inner Self and Highest Truth

  • Becoming aware of subconscious beliefs and how we form perceptions

  • Discovering what self-sabotage is and the difference between reaction and response

  • Letting go of old or accumulated negative thoughts, emotions and behavioral patterns

  • ‘Mind and heart re-energising’ exercise to experience instant changes in beliefs and feelings​

Creating an open culture for self-discovery and mental health can create the support network in the work environment to release stigma and prejudice surrounding these topics and to encourage expression of one's fullest potential.

The course can be tailored to address the specific needs of the team or organisation. For more information and to register, please contact:

What our attendees have shared

Organisation names are kept confidential

‘Thank you once again for the wonderful experience this morning. Half an hour – that felt like 5 mins - has managed to infuse my exhausted exec mind and body with enough non-temperamental energy to last me through the tough working day.’ Katerina, London

‘I found the meditation hugely relaxing and beneficial to my mental wellbeing. It enabled me to dedicate some ‘me’ time which then meant I was able to focus more clearly on other parts of my life, both work and personal. I would encourage everyone to try meditation with Gergana' Jackie, Bristol

'The meditation with Gergana helped me clear my head, let go of some of the thoughts that had been burdening me, help me shift focus on myself and find the strength I hadn’t been able to connect with. Since doing the session, I made the decision to take control of my life as I released the ‘fog’ and allowed myself to feel stronger.' Lisa, London

 ‘I felt more grounded, calmer, more in control and more present. It's like I had a spring in my step after the session. I would highly recommend that people give it a try.’ Maja, London

‘The meditation is a great way to set me up for the day. I like that the Agenda is fluid and in tune with what the group needs and there is versatility when Gergana addresses specific issues of the group. It is a great way to build community and to know that others are going through similar experiences in a safe space. After the session I felt inspired to make different choices. I appreciate the ‘food for thought’ (rather than ‘tell’) approach and the tools to help you manage your own energy levels.' Maya, London

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