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Yes, I am chosing to build inspired teams

What decisions can you make today about your business that will transform not only the way your clients are served, but the way your teams relate to the organisation?
Start by treating each business as an individual which needs to develop within and out, to provide, foster and educate.
Exploring and investing in your most valualble capability will create an envirnment where decidions are taken n qucikly beceuase teams know how to empoer each other.
Basic human values and virtues are the foundation of communities, organisations and relationships. Anything we create n our world is depndent on our interactuon with others and being able to express these values and virtues.

Here is how I can help your teams

To foster an inspired culture, I have found that teams find the following most common blocks that may sabotage theirs - and the organisation's - development:
- Taking blame rather than taking respobsility (eg - delaying projects)
- Avodiing to speak up from fear to be put down or ostrasiced
- Proving to be good enough by overworking and creating resentments
- TAking resposbility for other people's problems and burdens
- Unable to remain authentic due to fear of being abandoned
- Confusing empowerment with ego (corrupted defintions of power - eg control, putting others down)
- Creating inferior/superios culture which fosters otehr peoples's voiced to be unheard
- supressing the expression of basic human values such as giving or receving support from fear of being weak
- creating bias based on supressing own feelings
- unability to respond to other people's feelimgs
And others.
Investing in mental health through meditations and exmotional awareness, will create the support network for employees. Moving beyond the learning of how to handle emotions to prevention and healing. Belefs. Many of them may ne projecting their perosnal relationshios onmto work  relationships (and it is unhealthy to suporess)

Meditation by the sea

Meditations at the workplace

Team work

Emotional Awareness Course for businesses

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